Foundation Training | Online

Take your first steps into the exciting world of aesthetics with our award-winning training.
Online training led by world renowned Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards.
  • Learn Upper Face Botox Techniques
  • Dermal Filler Treatment around the mouth
  • Complications
  • Patient Selection
  • Patient Ageing
  • Quiz to test your knowledge
  • Video demonstration of reconstitution and injections
  • Certificate of completion
CPD: 10 points
Our online Foundation Botox & Dermal Filler Training Course is your first step into aesthetics, after successful completion you will need to attend a practical training session with live models at one of our clinics in the UK.

What's included?

Video Icon 15 videos File Icon 8 files


Pre Course Material
Pre Course Material Overview
1 min
Botox Reconstitution Video
4 mins
Anatomy for Upper Face Botox
4 mins
Aftercare for Botulinum Toxin Treatment
52.5 KB
Foundation Botox Training: Quiz
Anatomy for Dermal Filler Treatment
2 mins
Aftercare for Dermal Filler Treatment
51.8 KB
Foundation Dermal Filler Training: Quiz
Foundation Botox Training
Foundation Botox Presentation Overview
1 min
Foundation Botox Presentation Part 1
26 mins
Foundation Botox Presentation Part 2
39 mins
Facial Ageing & Assessment
Facial Ageing Presentation Overview
1 min
Foundation Facial Ageing & Assessment Presentation
9 mins
Foundation Dermal Filler Training
Foundation Dermal Filler Presentation Overview
1 min
Foundation Dermal Filler Presentation
33 mins
Business & Marketing
Business & Marketing Presentation Overview
2 mins
Business & Marketing Presentation - Skin
5 mins
Business & Marketing Presentation
28 mins
Botulinum Toxin Consent Form Template
134 KB
Juvederm Ultra Consent Form Template
167 KB
Resuscitation Council: Anaphylactic Recognition 2020
584 KB
Use of Hyaluronidase
851 KB
Infection Control Template
20.6 KB
Risk Assessment
21.3 KB
Video Demonstration
Foundation Video | Botox & Dermal Filler Treatments
25 mins
End of Course Quiz!
End of Course Quiz!


Who can enroll onto this course?

This course is open to medical professionals such as doctors, dentists and nurses who are looking to kick-start a career in aesthetics.

How many CPD points is this course and will I receive a certificate?

This online training course is worth 10 CPD points, you will receive a certificate for the course on successful completion.

Can I refer back to this course once I've completed it?

Yes, once you have purchased this course you can refer back to it as much as you like!

Can I treat people straight away after completing the online course?

After you finish your online course we ask you to contact the team to book in your practical elements for an additional fee in one of our training clinics where you will inject with live models, supervised by one of our expert trainers.

What other courses can I complete?

We have a whole host of courses online and practical for different levels and areas. You can visit our home page to find out more!