Skin Anatomy | Online by Cosmetic Courses

Skin Anatomy | Online

  • Overview of the skin anatomy - structure and function
  •  Skin classification
  •  Hair types
  •  Cardiovascular system
  • End of course quiz

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos


Structure & Function of the Skin
6 mins
Cells & Glands Found in the Skin
14 mins
Understanding The Fitzpatrick Scale
6 mins
Stages of Hair Growth
6 mins
The Cardiovascular System
6 mins
Course Summary
2 mins
Skin Anatomy | Quiz


Who can enroll onto this course?

This course is open to medical professionals and beauty therapists to gain a greater understanding of the skin.

How many CPD points is this course and will I receive a certificate?

This online training course is worth 4 CPD points, you will receive a certificate for the course on successful completion.

Can I refer back to this course once I've completed it?

Yes, once you have purchased this course you can refer back to it as much as you like!